Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 1-10-21
Notes & Life Group Questions 01-10-21

“Word of the Year”

What is a ‘Word for the year?’ (A God who still speaks)

-Its Purpose

A way we live intentionally, expectantly and dependent on Lord.

An example John 14:26

The ‘Word of God’ – “Logos” and “Rhema”

-How does this happen?

Sometimes we pursue
Matthew 7:7-9

Sometimes God pursues
(Lee Brooks story. To find Lee’s story online go to:

Our process in 2021 (Darrell Damron)

The ‘Word for 2021’

-Embracing the process Joel 2:25

-The process throughout scripture.

The Plagues of Egypt

The enemies of Judges, and the armies in Ezekiel

The tragedies of Job

The shaking of Hebrews 12:26-27

-The results

The application for New Bridge in 2021

Life Grp Q’s
“Word of the Year”


Catching Up

How would you describe your Christmas in one word? Do any of you have a story to share about someone you invited to join us in some aspect of our Christmas outreach (candlelight, lights/window, special offering, after Christmas special)?

Check-in: How are you currently doing (spiritually, emotionally, relationally, etc)?


• Read Joel 2:25-32a – (A) What do these verses reveal about the character of God? (B) What hope do these verses bring to our present situations?

• What areas of new growth do you hope to see God bring from the pain of this past year?

Going Deeper:

• What stood out to you about the process NBCC leadership went through seeking God for the word for 2021? How could you apply this to your own prayer life?

• How does the word of the year apply to the way we relate to (A) God; (B) one another; and (C) people around us in need of Jesus? *Dig in as much as you can here.

• How does this word put us in a position to both receive from God, and act in response to God’s work in our lives?

Prayer: Spend time as a life group asking God to speak into the above question as it relates to your group. Spend time in silence listening to what God has to say. Then, share any words, verses, or images that God gave you during this time of listening prayer.

• Spend time praying for all those who we connected with through our Christmas outreaches. Pray that God will work in their hearts drawing them to Himself.

Next week we begin our study through the book of Ephesians. Try to read through this book at least one time before next Sunday.