1. To Make Christ Known

New Bridge is a church where all people are valued because they are treasured by God. We are building a community that does not exist to serve itself, but whose very life comes from inviting all within our reach to new life in Christ. We are guided by a desire to become all things to all people, so that by all possible means, many will come to know Jesus. New Bridge will be guided by this biblical principle rather than by tradition or by what seems safe and secure, using contemporary and innovative methods within our biblical freedom. We envision a church where each member is devoted to living-out and sharing God’s good news to all those within their sphere of influence. Our goal is to see thousands enter into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, and to be baptized as a declaration of their intent to follow him.

2. To Build Fully Devoted Followers of Christ

New Bridge is a community where Christ-followers are inspired to live out authentic, intimate and growing relationships with God, and with each other. In fact, our mission statement is “Making disciples who love God, love one another, and make His love known.” We will treat the pursuit of wholehearted devotion to Christ and His cause as normal for every believer.

3. To Serve God By Utilizing Our Spiritual Gifts

New Bridge is a place where it is the job of the leadership to empower the people to do the ministry. Individuals are given guidance to discover how God has gifted them for His service, as well as utilizing their time, skills and resources for kingdom purposes. We endeavor to be a place where people are given the freedom, encouragement and training they need to build one another up in the faith, and to be an influence for God in their families, workplaces and neighborhoods.

4. To Emphasize Small Groups

We are developing as a church of small groups that are biblically functioning communities of believers committed to one another. Believers achieve their full spiritual potential through life-transforming contact with God’s Word (the Bible) and each other. Group members will care for one another, learn from one another, grow in Christ together, and serve side-by-side using our unique spiritual gifts.

5. To Worship God

With respect to our worship gatherings, our goal is to communicate the message of Jesus Christ with great clarity, creativity and power, so that God is glorified and lives are transformed. Our aim is to celebrate the living, almighty God and His abundant goodness to us. Our prayers and preparations are focused on engaging worshipers in mind, body, and spirit, and drawing them more deeply into the presence of God Himself. We have a deep respect for the power of the arts. We will harness the arts in whatever forms possible to glorify God, to touch the hearts of people and to further the ministry of the church. Above all, we hold firmly to the Bible, the Word of God, as our final authority for faith and practice, and it is preached with enthusiasm, conviction, and relevance.

6. To Minister To The Needs In Our Community, Region and World

We are a church where God’s love for people extends to our city and beyond – to the rest of the world. Because we are commanded by Christ to be salt and light on this earth, we will be a force for good in a world marked by moral decay, corruption, oppression, violence and injustice. We believe that, in God’s timing, New Bridge Community Church will actively fulfill its role in God’s plan for reaching the world and making disciples of all nations.