Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 8-30-20
Notes 8-30-20

“Community That Changes Us & Our World”
Genesis 1:26-28; Acts 2:42-47

1. In the image of God, humanity finds:

(Genesis 1:26-28)

2. Two implications of being made in the image of God

• We become who God created us to be in community with other Jesus followers (Genesis 1:26-28)

• We are to be communities of Jesus followers who extend ourselves for those in need of Jesus (Genesis 1:28; John 20:21; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)

In most of Church history and in most places in the world, the Church has not been able to exist in a state of comfort or equilibrium.

3. Acts 2:42-47 – What does a community that fosters growing in our identity and purpose look like?

Devoted to living under the authority of Scripture (vs. 42)

Devoted to the priority of prayer (vs. 42)

Devoted to doing life together (vs. 44-47a)

Devoted to multiplying the mission (vs. 43, 47)


1. What evidence do I see in my life that I am living out of the image of God? How is my identity and purpose being challenged to be found outside the image of God?

2. What is one aspect of devoted community that I can pursue now?

3. What is God calling me to do in response to this sermon? With whom will I share this?

4. In what ways does our Life Group foster us going deeper into our original design in God?

5. In what ways could our Life Group go deeper into living out our identity and purpose together?

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