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Program 8-9-20
Notes 8-9-20 (WORD)
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“In Times Like These; Tunnel Vision”
Luke 12:16-21

Tunnel Vision blinds us to what is actually happening around us.

So often instead of seeking to encounter the holy, righteous, loving God, we seek a “higher power” to fuel self-righteousness and stubbornness.

Greed and coveting are typically about money, but it’s often linked to our ideas of safety and security.

The new testament is filled with people praying for boldness and courage, not safety and security.
Acts 4:29-20 2 Cor 3:12 Eph 6:19-20

The man’s goal in the Parable was to have more and store.
Luke 12:17-19

What is your barn (the thing you wish to get more and store)?


To have less tunnel vision and be more focused on the kingdom of God answer:

Who around you is in need?

` ___________________________



How can I help me that need?


Scripture quoted:
Luke 12: 4-5, 13, 16-21. Acts 4:29-30. 1 Timothy 6:10.