Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Notes 1-12-20 (WORD)
Notes 1-12-20 (PDF)
Program 1-12-19

“Love’s Resolve”

Ruth 1

•The Book of Ruth

-A Love story
-A Literary masterpiece
-The story of Jesus
-Our story

•The Context Ruth 1:1

‘During the time of the judges’ (400 yrs)

‘Everyone did whatever seemed right…’ Judges 17:6 & 21:25

•The players Ruth 1:2-5
-Elimelech – “God is my King”
-Naomi – ‘Pleasant’
-Mahlon – ‘Sickly’
-Chilion – ‘Weak’ or ‘Failing’
-Orpah – ‘Graceful’ (gazelle)
-Ruth – ‘Friend’

•The story unfolds
Ruth 1:6-15, Deuteronomy 23:3

•Love’s Resolve
Ruth 1:16-18

Ruth’s legacy

•Our stories

•The story of repentance and salvation
Ruth 1:19-22

Learning to tell your story:

A few Story Prompts:

• If married, what is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

• Ever been laid off or fired? What did you do next?

• Ever taken a child to the hospital? Has your child had cancer or an illness of some kind?

• Ever been burned by a church?

• What have you learned the hard way?

• Have you learned to trust God? How did He cultivate that trust?

• Have you learned to trust other people? How did that grow?

• Have you learned to be honest, venerable, authentic?

• Do you see any themes in your life?

• Seasons of joy, suffering, or simply struggle.

• What has been your lowest low?

• What has been your highest high?

• Tell the journey between that low and that high.