Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 4-5-20
Notes and Life Group Questions 4-5-20 (WORD)
Notes and Life Group Questions 4-5-20 (PDF)

“First Yes Still Daily Yes”
James 5:12-20

Life is messy, and James writes with that reality in mind.

Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. James 5:13

Consistency over perfection.

Is your first yes, still your daily yes?

In every season, PRAY James 5:13-14
– Scheduled time in prayer
– Pray through worship songs
– Pray with others.

Who truly knows you? James 5:16

The power Elijah walked in is the power of the Lord, the same Lord we worship.

Life is messy, PRAY MORE.

Scripture: James 5:12-20. Matthew 6:34. 1 Peter 5:6-7

Life Group Questions
“Discovery Bible Study”
James 5:12-20

1. Gratitude
What happened last week for which you are thankful?

2. Transparency
What challenges do you see in your life? Family? World?

3. Accountability
How did you obey, share, and meet the need from your last meeting?

*Read the passage. Re-read, re-tell and consider the details.

• He is…
What do we learn about God?

• We are…
What do we learn about people?

• I will…
What has the Holy Spirit revealed to you in this passage, and how will you obey it in your life this week?

• You can…
Using this scripture, who will you encourage and build up this week?

• Serve
What is “the good” we know we ought to do? James 4:17

• Prayer
Based on this passage, what are we going to pray about?