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Program 4-25-21
Notes & Life Group Questions 04-25-21 (WORD)
Notes & Life Group Questions 04-25-21 (PDF)

The Have and Have Nots
Ephesians: God Made Visible – Week 13

“Follow me. I will bless you.”
Not follow me AND I will bless you.
Genesis 12:1-3

In spite of Abram’s obedience, God is faithful to his word.

Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.
Genesis 15:6

Live in my presence and be blameless.
Genesis 17:1

Abram is unfaithful, and God doubles down on his promises.

It is a permanent covenant to be your God (I will be your God).

Abraham forgets, but God never forgets his promises.

It will be credited to us who believe in him who raised Jesus our lord from the dead. Romans 4:24

References: Genesis Chapters 12-17. Ephesians 2:11-14. Romans 4:19-24.

Life Group Q’s
Gospel Driven Works
Ephesians: God Made Visible – Week 12

Catching Up

When is a time when you were most aware that you didn’t have something you wanted and thought you needed?


Which point of this week’s sermon was most helpful, challenging, or thought provoking for you? Why?

Going Deeper

How was the background information on circumcision helpful in understanding the connection between the Old and New Testament teachings?

Abraham takes things into his own hands over and over again. What are the areas of life where you are trying to take control? What is it revealing about your heart and relationship with God?

Read Romans 4:19-25. How do these verses highlight and summarize the key ideas from Pastor James’ sermon?

What are the promises of God that you are struggling to live into?


(A) What does this discussion raise in you that needs prayer? Pray about these things as a group. (B) Abraham was blessed to be a blessing. Pray about who and how God desires for you to extend His blessings to those around you.

What action should you take individually and as a life group based on what God has shown you in prayer?