Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 1-17-21
Notes & Life Group Questions 1-17-21

Ephesians in Context
Ephesians: God Made Visible – Week 1

The Author

The Recipients

The Greeting

The Message

Action Steps:

  • Read or listen to all of Ephesians at least 1x/week (Bible App)
  • Memorize Ephesians 1:3 by Feb 7th

Scripture references: Ephesians 2:1-2, 13-14; Acts 9:1-2, 15; 1 Timothy 1:12-17; Acts 19:18-34; Revelation 2:2-5

Life Grp Q’s
Ephesians in Context
Ephesians: God Made Visible – Week 1

Catching Up

Have you ever read through the book of Ephesians? If yes, what part of the book struck you most and why? If not, from what you heard Sunday, what are you most interested in learning more about?


  • What stood out to you from this week’s sermon? Anything challenging, unclear, or particularly helpful to you?
  • What is the connection between grace & peace in Ephesians 1:2 and how does this impact how you pray for yourself and others?

Going Deeper:

  • Read 1 Timothy 1:12-17 – Which part of Paul’s description of God’s work in His life resonates with you most? Why? (B) How does this inform how you tell your story of God’s work in your life?
  • Read Acts 19:23-27 – (A) What aspects of life in Ephesus do you see most prevalent in our culture today? (B) How does Paul’s ministry there instruct and/or encourage you? (reference Acts 19:8-20 if needed)
  • The flow of Ephesians first grounds us in who we are in Christ followed by how we are to live in Christ. Talk through the importance of this order. See Revelation 2:1-5a. How does this order help keep us from losing our first love?

Prayer: How does this study move you toward prayer? What does it move you to pray for? *Spend time as a group praying for these things/people.

  • We’ll be memorizing Ephesians 1:3 together. Work on it this week and let’s practice together next week.
  • Try to read or listen through this book at least one time before next Sunday.