Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Notes & Life Group Questions 6-21-20 (PDF)
Notes & Life Group Questions 6-21-20 (WORD)
Program 6-21-20

“Blessing in Faith”
Hebrews 11:20-22

Abraham was blessed to be a blessing and we are blessed to be a blessing.

Our blessing is to Know our father and be continually changed by His grace. We inturn show grace to others

We are blessed to SPEAK blessing.

Speaking blessing starts with listening
James 1:19

Blessings help define identity.

Bless character not only competency.
Galatians 5:22-23

Bless in private AND bless in public.

Genesis 12:2. Hebrews 11:20-22. Genesis 25, 49. James 1:19. Galatians 5:22-23.

Life Group Q’s
“Bless in Faith”

Hebrews 11:20-22

What was the main thing you “took away” from the sermon?

What change is The Spirit leading you to make in light of the sermon?

Did the sermon remind you of any truth that you forgot? What truth was it?

Who is God guiding you to move towards or seek restoration with?

How will you do that this week?

Who else needs to know about the changes God is doing in your life?