Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 9-13-20
Notes & Life Group Questions 9-13-20

Message Notes
“Beneath the Surface”

Psalm 139

The Iceberg Effect:

-The “shema” Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Matthew 22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27

-The good news and bad news of icebergs

Understanding what’s beneath the surface is beyond us and we need help. Help is here! Psalm 139

1- Know that you are searched, known and loved vs 1-18

“There is tremendous relief in knowing that His love for me is utterly realistic. It is based at every point on prior knowledge about the worst of me! So that no discovery about me can disillusion Him about me in the way I’m so often disillusioned about myself.” J.I. Packard

2- Becoming ‘right sized’ vs 1-18

The greatness of God and smallness of David (and us!)

3- Persisting in frustration vs 19-22, Ephesians 6:12, Romans 7:14-25

4- Asking! vs 23-24

Your fears are messengers who tell you where you trust God the least.

Six times in the Upper Room before Jesus goes to the cross, he tells his disciples to “ask!” John 14-16


The tools

The tribe “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast and far, find a tribe” Irwin McManus

Life Group Q’s
“Beneath the Surface”

Psalm 139

Catching Up
• What 3 descriptive words would you use to describe your overall state of being since we met and talked last? (i.e. exhausted, hopeful, confused, etc.)

• What have you learned about yourself through this Covid-19 season?


• In the message this week, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

• When you read Psalm 139, does it make you want to run to or away from God? Why do you think that is?

• Read Psalm 139:13 – Some versions say, “fearfully & wonderfully made.” What part of you is most concerning or fearful to you? What part do you most see God’s handiwork (wonderfully made)?

• Have you ever felt like there were parts of you “beneath the surface” (history, family, mistakes) that were “off limits” to God? Have you felt like any of these were not important to what it means to be a follower of Jesus?

• As you read through Psalms 139:1-18, what are 3 of the most impactful statements to you? Why?

• Read and compare Psalm 139:1-2 with verses 23-24. If David says in verses 1-2 that God has already searched him, what is significant about David inviting God to search him in verses 23-24?

• How do you feel when you think about inviting God to search all of you? What does this reveal about how you see God and how you think He sees you?


• Spend time as a group confessing the false ways you see God and yourself.

• Spend time praying and listening for how God is inviting you to give all of yourself to Him.