Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 10-25-20
Notes & Life Group Questions 10-25-20

Learning to Lament

All of Me – Wk. #7

Lament stands in the gap between _________________ & ___________________ .

Lament helps us navigate the wilderness of grief.

Psalm 77 – *Four elements included in biblical lament:

1) ____________________________________ (Psalm 77:1-2)

2) ____________________________________ (Psalm 77:3-10)

Other examples in the Psalms: Psalms 10:1; 13:1-2; 22:1; 35:17; 44:23-24; 74:10; 80:12; 88:14; 94:3; 137:4

3) ____________________________________ (Psalm 77:11-15)

4) ____________________________________ (Psalm 77:14-20)

Other examples in the Psalms: 13:5-6; 31:12,14; 71:10-11, 14; 86:14-15

*We encourage you to write your own lament using the biblical pattern discussed today. Space here doesn’t allow you to use this sheet, but don’t let that stop you from taking this important step this week. Consider sharing with your life group and/or a close friend.

Scripture references:
Psalm 77; Psalm 22:1-11; Romans 5:8; 8:26-27; 2 Corinthians 4:8-11; Isaiah 54:10; Philippians 4:6-7; Matthew 11:28-30

*The book Dark Clouds Deep Mercy by Mark Vroegop was a helpful resource in the development of this sermon.

Life Group Q’s
Learning to Lament

All of Me – Wk. #7

Catching Up

Who can think of a movie that doesn’t have a happy ending? Why do you think our Western culture movies almost always need to be resolved with a happy ending?


• How did it go this past week as you applied last week’s sermon? What can we celebrate? What can we pray about?

• What stood out to you about this week’s sermon?

• How is lamenting different and unique from grieving?

Going Deeper

• Read Psalm 13 together. Which of the 4 elements of lamenting can you identify in this Psalm?

• What part of the lamenting process do you most identify with right now in your life? Explain.

• How does lament ground us in, and point us to the Gospel?

• Did any of you write your own lament using the 4 elements discussed in the sermon? Are you willing to share it with our group?


Pray as a group using the 4 elements of lament to guide you through your prayers for one another.

Individual application

What is God calling you to do in obedience to this sermon/lesson?


Pray for those in your relational network who are going through difficult times.

How might you use what you learned to have a Gospel conversation with someone else in your relational network who needs Jesus?