Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 10-18-20
Notes and Life Group Questions 10-18-20

“The Wall”

Psalms 22

There is constant tension between self-preservation and growth.

What am I going to live for? (What am I living for now?)

Matthew 6:10 ”Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

-This may be one of the most difficult prayers we ever pray.

We will all come to a place where it seems faith doesn’t “work”. More accurately faith doesn’t “work” like we wish it would. This is a WALL.

God uses “the wall” to purify and reshape our affections, joy, and hope.

Characteristics of life on the other side of the wall:

Humility through brokenness
Let the one who boast, boast in the lord

Greater appreciation of the goodness of God.
Christ is our righteousness, sanctification, redemption

God’s redemption is not satisfied with a little change or growth, but redemption saturates every part under the surface.

Quoted Verses:
Matthew 6:10. Psalms 22:1,19-21. 1 Corinthians 1: 30-31. .

Verses referenced:
Genesis 17:5. Genesis 32:24-31. Gen 40. Exodus 14. Jerimiah 29. Acts 9:16

Life Grp Q’s
“Hitting the Wall”

All of me – Wk. #6

Catching Up

Has anyone had a “hit the wall” moment in an athletic race or competition (i.e. mile 18 in a marathon) or in another similar context?


• How did it go this past week as you applied last week’s sermon? What can we celebrate? What can we pray about?

• What stood out to you about this week’s sermon? What did you connect with? Not understand? Challenged by?

• Is anyone “hitting the wall” right now? What has led you to this point?

Going Deeper:

• Read 2 Corinthians 12:6-10 – What does this passage teach us and how does it relate to the sermon?

• What is the “thorn in your flesh” that you are dealing with? How are you learning to live by the grace and strength of Christ in the midst of this challenge?

• Share a story about when you’ve “hit the wall” in the past, how you came through it, and what your relationship with Jesus looked like on the other side of it.

Personal Application: What is one specific step of action God is calling you to take based on this sermon/lesson?

Read Psalm 22 as a prayer and song, not just of David, but also for the people of God. (Let this lead you into a time of prayer)

Pray: (1) For each other, celebrating what God has done in the past and for those who are currently “hitting the wall.” (2) By name for someone in your life who is far from Jesus but near to you.