Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 11-8-20
Notes & Life Group Questions 11-08-20


All of Me – Wk. #9

1) Sabbath is about re-training __________________________________________

• In Sabbath, God is re-training our hearts to trust Him for our _______________ and ______________________.

• In Sabbath, God is re-training our hearts to trust Him as our _______________.

2) Sabbath is about remembering _______________________________________.
(Deuteronomy 5:12-15)

• In Sabbath, God is ___________________________________________________.

3) How do we Sabbath in a way that gets at God’s intended purposes?

Choose & commit to 1 day/week to _________________________________________

Make deliberate plans for how you’ll use your Sabbath by asking:

• Does how I’m planning this day bring me ___________________________ my life around God?

• What ___________________________ turn my heart & mind toward God?

• What ___________________ brings joy & attention to God’s gifts in my life?

• What ___________________ breathe life into, & remind me what life is about?

• What do I need to buy, finish, or prepare to be _______________________?

____________________ & _____________________

Scripture references:
Mark 2 :27-28 ; Exodus 5:6-18; 6:5-8; 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15 ; Hebrews 4 :1-11

Life Group Q’s

All of Me – Wk. #9

Catching Up:

What is your favorite way to use your personal “free-time?”


• How did it go this past week as you applied last week’s sermon? What can we celebrate? What can we pray about?

• Which aspect of this week’s sermon did you connect with and why? Any particular Scriptures that stood out to you?

• What is your personal experience with Sabbath? What were your thoughts about Sabbath before this sermon? Have any of those changed after the sermon?

Going Deeper:

• What are life-giving activities that you use to help you rest & re-orient on Sabbath? For any “non-spiritual” activities, how do you keep them from diverting you away from Sabbath purposes?

• If you are married, how do you handle your different needs and approaches to Sabbath? (i.e. compromise, serve one-another’s needs, case-by-case?)

• What are the hardest things for you to say no to when you Sabbath? How do you handle this?

• Bonus question 🙂 – How does your interaction with Sabbath help you to live on mission the other days of the week?

Individual application: What is one action step you can this next week to Sabbath better? Share this with your group.

Prayer: Spend time in prayer: Confess finding value/worth in anything outside of God. Thank God for freedom in Christ. Ask for wisdom in planning your Sabbath.

Pray by name for those in your life who need Jesus.