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Serving that Transforms 9/9/18

John 13:3-17 CSB

Main Point: We never fully understand how serving transforms us, until we do it. It is an act of faith.

“There’s nothing like the church, when the church is working right.” –B. Hybels

When the church is broken or NOT working right

When the church IS functioning biblically –“Gospel Centric”

How serving in the church transforms us: Jn.13:3-17

1. Serving directly increases our faith Jn.2:1-11

No ______________ in change and no ______________ in comfort”

2. Serving helps us see and experience what we were made for

Eph.4:11-13 & 1 Pet.4:10

You will never figure out who you are until you find out who HE is.

3. Serving draws us into authentic community Jn.17

4. Serving requires obedience and redirects our focus to Jesus

Your heart always follows your treasure. Mt.6:19-21