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Notes Page 12/3/17 (Word)

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Message Notes Advent Wk#1: “PEACE” 12/3/17
Philippians 4:6-9 CSB

• The lack of understanding and knowledge Hosea 4:6

Lost in translation

More than a greeting

• Where is the peace?

a. …in the world? Isa.9:5-6

b. …in our relationships? Col.3:15

c. …in us? Jn.14:27

• Already given Rm.5:1 & Phil.4:7

• Peace killers

a- Unexpressed ___________________________ Col.3:15-17 & Phil.4:6-9

b- Surface ___________________________ Phil.4:6

• Application

“Heavenly Father, I need you to ________ ________…”

“God, I’m afraid if you don’t ______________________________”