Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

Program 6-9-19
Notes 6-9-19 (WORD)
Notes 6-9-19 (PDF)

“Preparing for the Next Season”

How do you prepare?
1) Acknowledge the different seasons Eccl.3:1-8 & Heb.5:11-13

2) Moving from one season to another can be exciting and stressful

a) Exciting:

b) Stressful Jms.1:22

3) Root in or pull off

a) rooting: Ps.1:1-3

b) pulling off: Pr.27:12 NIV

Know what you don’t know…
Pr.28:26, 11:14 & Jms.1:25

4) Choose the right guide and protector
Ps.121:1-3 ‘Psalm of Ascent’