Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

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Message Notes
“Behind Closed Doors”

John 20:19-23 CSB

*Main Point: Our peace is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He died for us, He rose from the dead in victory, and now He lives in us. Even our fears cannot lock Him out.

God accomplishes this through His:

1. ______________________ He comes to us (Jn.20:19-21a)




2. ______________________ He commissions us (Jn.20:21b)

3. ______________________ He empowers us (Jn.20:22-23)

a. To Live (v.22)

Greek and Hebrew words are the same for “Breath” and “Spirit”

Hebrew: ‘ruach’ Greek: ‘pneuma’

Also seen in Gen.2:7 & Ezk.37:9

b. To Proclaim (v.23)

Application: Two Ordinances or Sacraments:

-Baptism Mt.10:32

-Communion 1 Cor.11:26

Life Grp Q’s
“Behind Closed Doors”

John 20:19-23 CSB


As a child, what were you most fearful of ? How about now ?


In the message this week, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Going Deeper

What other insights do you gain from the parallel passage in Lk.24:36-49 ?

What is the difference in the ‘Peace OF God’ (Rm.5:1-2) and ‘Peace WITH God’ (Phil.4:4-7). Is there an order to these? If so, why?

How does the ‘world’s peace’ and ‘God’s peace’ differ? See Jn.14:27

Why is it important that we will experience a “bodily resurrection” just like Jesus?


Who might Jesus be “commissioning” you to “make His love known” to?

The Bible says to “make the most of every opportunity” (Col.4:5 NIV). How could you use the opportunity of Easter this week?