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Message Notes
“You Have No Power”

John 19:1-16 CSB

Main Point: Jesus maintains His humility and gets to the cross,

showing even greater love for us.

•Scripture as a microscope, binoculars or mirror?

•In the second half of Pilate’s Trial we see:

1. Jesus’ PAIN vs. 1-3

-“Flogged” 3 different forms of flogging or scourging:




-“Robe and Crown of Thorns”

a- Robe:

b-Thorns: Gen.3:18

-“The Hot Hand”

2. Jesus’ HUMILITY vs. 4-5

3. Jesus’ POWER (meekness) vs. 6-10

-How does He keep His composure?

-Why does He bridle His power?

•Application: a) __________________________

3 things about authority & power: b) __________________________

c) __________________________

Power is always leveraged…

What am I doing with mine?

Life Grp Q’s
“You Have No Power”

John 19:1-16 CSB


Share a time in your life when someone gave you a chance to try some-thing new. Perhaps they believed in you or saw something you didn’t.


In the message this week, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Going Deeper

Which of the prophecies of Psalm 22 are fulfilled in Jesus’ suffering and death? (for further references see Mt.27, Mk.15, Lk.23 & Jn.19)

In our passage this week, Pilate makes a decision based on fear (vs.8). Have you ever made a decision motivated by fear, rather than one based on what is right? How do you feel about that now?

-How can you guard against that in the future?


Who do you have some form of authority or power over? eg. kids, people at work, students, etc.

Why do you think God gave you that power or authority over them?

-How could it be used poorly?

-How could you use it well?

Close by praying (by name) for those God has placed under your authority.