Sermon Notes & Life Group Questions

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Message Notes
“Pilate’s Trial”

John 18:28-40 CSB

Main Point: Jesus uses Pilate’s questions to reveal the condition of his heart and ours.


Pilates’ trial revolves around 3 main questions:

1. What is the charge? vs. 28-32

-Pilate’s waffling and the way Jesus must die. Deut.21:22-23 & Gal.3:13

*see also: Jn.3:14, 8:28 & 12:32-33

2. Are You the King of the Jews? vs. 33-38

3. Who should I release? vs. 39-40

Barabbas was accused of at least 3 crimes: Jn.18:40 & Mk.15:7

His Name: [Grk] ‘Bar-abba(s)’ = __________________________


Life Grp Q’s
“Pilate’s Trial”

John 18:28-40 CSB


Share a time you were you ‘set up’ or blamed for something you didn’t do? How did you react?


In the message this week, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Going Deeper

Why is our world so opposed to the idea of “absolute” truth?

In this passage, what is revealed about:

a) Jesus?

b) His Kingdom?

What motivations cause Pilate to sell out Jesus? (see also Mt.27:11-26)

-What, if any, of Pilate’s tendencies are true of you?

How does Barabbas’ freedom at Christ’s expense illustrate the whole point of the gospel?

-Was this enough to save Barabbas? (see also Jn.1:12-13)


•How does knowing that Jesus took your place affect you and what you live for?