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Message Notes “Kingdom Centered Prayer” 11/18/18

John 17 CSB

Christ’s prayer is zealous for:

1- …the ______________________ of God Jn.17:1-5

Christ’s prayer is focused on the end goal.

2- …the ______________________ of believers Jn.17:6-19

-The Order of Salvation v.6-7

-It’s Jesus Praying! v.9-11a


-Positional v.11b-14a

-Practical v.14b-16

-Sanctification v.17-19

3- …the ______________________ of the Body Jn.17:20-26

Why would Jesus pray for _____________?

a) Because He knew we ____________ each other. Rm.12:4-5

b) Because we can do much more _________________ Acts 4:32-35

c) Because the world will see the ___________ of God through His

______________ in us. Jn.13:34-35, 17:21 & 26

The Communion of Unity 1 Pet.2:10