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Life Grp Q’s

“Fellowship of the Sap” 10/14/18

John 15:1-17 CSB


•What plant best describes you right now: Towering Oak, Weeping Willow, Tumbleweed? Crab Apple? A Sunflower? Why?


•In the message this week, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Going Deeper

• List the:

7 Signs 7 “I Am” statements

1- ______________________ 1- ______________________

2- ______________________ 2- ______________________

3- ______________________ 3- ______________________

4- ______________________ 4- ______________________

5- ______________________ 5- ______________________

6- ______________________ 6- ______________________

7- ______________________ 7- ______________________

• Pick one sign or “I Am” statement. How has Jesus personally revealed Himself to you in this way?

• Jn.15:1-17 breaks down into two parts:

a) v.1-6 The illustration of the vine and branches. The point is: being connected with Jesus brings life, and life is revealed by fruit.

b) v.7-17 Jesus describes what the fruit looks like. List all the different descriptions of the fruit. (We leaders found 7 descriptions)


•What could the Lord be pruning in your life? (see Jn.15:2)

• Read Jn.15:15. Do you feel more like Jesus’ servant or friend right now?

-What helps develop the friendship?

Message Notes

“Fellowship of the Sap” 10/14/18

John 15:1-17 CSB

•Main Point: Real disciples of Jesus have a permanent, life-giving, fruit-producing connection with Jesus.

•The 7th and final “I Am” statement. I Am the True Vine. v.1

•3 Questions from this illustration v.1-6

1. What is meant by the word “remain” ‘to be at home in’ Jn.14:23

God’s great goal for the Believer: ______________________________

2. Why is ‘remaining’ so important?

3. How do you REMAIN?

Andrew Murray, “Abide”