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How Did Jesus Fulfill the Meaning of the Jewish Feasts?

What are the different Jewish festivals in the Bible?

11-19-17 notes page (Word)

11-19-17 notes page (PDF)

Message Notes “The Rhythm of Feasting” 11/19/17
Nehemiah 8:1-12 CSB

• The Theology of feasting and joy

The 7 Feasts Lev.23 (see other side)

Is this a true ‘rhythm’ for today? Col.2:16-17

All fulfilled…

• A picture of the ‘tension’ between feasting and fasting Neh.8:1-12

“Stop focusing on how ________ ________ ________,

and start focusing on how _____________ _________ ______,”

“To operate in His strength is to choose _______ __________

over our _____________.”

• The lost art of feasting

The food is meant to _____________ our thanksgiving, NOT to be

the _______________ of thanksgiving.

• How to make a feast ‘holy’ (the components of a good feast)





• Where do we learn how to feast?