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Notes 7-28-19
Notes 7-28-19
Program 7-28-19

“Dodging the Spear of Envy”

1 Samuel 18:1-17 CSB

•Review and background

-“anointed one” – “messiah”

-“an evil spirit” 1 Sam. 18:10

•Jealousy and envy

“So Saul watched David jealously from that day forward.“ 1 Sam. 18:9

•Dodging or killing jealousy?

1) Envy reveals our greatest loves

2) Saul teaches us the components of envy

a) vs. 12, 15 & 29

b) 18:7-8, Ps. 73:1-6

When we are confident in who God made us to be, we stop comparing ourselves to other people and focus on what He is doing in our own lives.

c) 1 Sam. 20:31-33

3) Jonathan and David show us how to dodge envy 1 Sam. 18:3-4

“A Tale of Three Kings” by Gene Edwards