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Program 7-21-19
Notes 7-21-19
Notes 7-21-19

“Who Is David?”
1 Samuel 17:1-5 CSB

Ancient warfare on a flannelgraph

Working through a famous passage 1 Sam. 17

•Goliath and the “Goliath Principle” vs. 1-11

-Identifying your Goliath

•Living out God’s dream vs. 16-18a, 28-29

•A matter of perspective and another voice vs. 31-37

•Why rocks? vs. 40

•Who the battle belongs to vs. 41-53

Two big questions:

1) Who is David?

2) Who are you?

Application: Psalm 16:5-9

Why do I believe that Jesus is representative of David?

Both David and Jesus:

1) …represented their people. Whatever happened to them, also happened to their people (see also Rm.5:19)

2) …fought the battle on ground that rightfully belonged to God’s people, ground they had lost

3) …fought when their enemy was able to dominate the people of God through fear and intimidation alone (see also 1 Pet. 5:8)

4) …were sent to the battleground by their Father (see 1 Sam.17:17)

5) …were mocked and rejected by their own people (see also Jn. 1:11)

6) …fought the battle without concern with human strategies or conventional wisdom

7) …fought a battle where victory was assured even before the battle started

8) …won the battle, but saw that their enemies still did not give in